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with Terror Jr.

Wednesday, November 01
Wonder Ballroom   Ages 21 and up
Show: 8:30pm    Doors: 7:30pm
FRENCH 1128451683018561

TEENAGERS is an album on which keyboards and analog synthesisers are predominant, just like on its predecessors. But it reveals a much more personal and ambitious side of Simon Henner.
TEENAGERS alternates between signature songs like the masterful opening song “One for Wendy”, as well as unsuspected romantic and nostalgic songs (“Romantica”), epic and flamboyant
tracks (“Memories”), tracks with liberating harmonies (“Heroes”), sensational electronic swirls (“FOIX”), pop gems (“You Always Say” feat. Prudence, the singer of The Dø), tracks characterised
by a carefree bliss (“Teenagers”), tracks with a destabilising energy (“Freedom”) and sumptuous introspective tracks (“Walking on Mars”).

But Simon Henner completely lays bare his soul when expressing his full vocal capacity at the microphone. With “Burning Legend”, “Life is Like” and “Graceful”, the Marseille-based producer
gives a glimpse of his extraordinary sensitivity and helps bend the idea that producers do not know how to reveal themselves. “Singing helps me embody my music alone on stage. I like to show who I am and try to convey what I feel. Making songs is a very personal process, sharing and performing them keeps me from being selfish”. Not only does this opus reflect his wide range of talents as a songwriter and producer, but also it definitely takes us on a very powerful sensorial and introspective journey.

“I love songs that make me surpass myself, overcome my fears, feel invincible; freedom is really what motivates me in life. That’s why I love my job so much, because I’m totally free to do what I want”. And for Simon Henner, there is nothing that embodies freedom better than adolescence and its sweet hint of naivety. In this sense, TEENAGERS is the soundtrack of an age in which anything is possible; uncertainties, desires and hopes are closely intertwined. “My music is inseparable from my life, I am constantly looking for intense and unforgettable moments, epiphanies engraved in the memory.”

TEENAGERS results in a tour de force: it represents a new milestone in the history of music and places French 79 among the artists who revolutionised electronic music and music as a whole. If
TEENAGERS gives us such unique and strong sensations, it is also due to the fact the album’s soul is filled with magical places, such as Jean-Michel Jarre’s own Parisian studio and the Miraval
studio in the South of France.

“These legendary studios have witnessed uninhibited and daring creations. At JeanMichel Jarre’s studio, I felt like a kid in front of all those legendary keyboards I’d always dreamt of. There was a true soul and an incredible atmosphere in this timeless studio: the arpeggios came to life, the chord progressions took on another dimension. I laid hands on those synths, those drummers
and those sequencers that marked music forever ; I touched the instruments that were used to compose the films and series soundtracks I grew up with. I felt like I was living a real sci-fi moment, as if I were travelling through time and space. This moment immediately took me back to my teenage years when I discovered these masterpieces. Many old sound memories as well as new melodies appeared in my brain.”

The album was mixed by Damien Quintard (Brian Eno, Parcels, Justice, Sade), L’Impératrice…) in the heart of the 17th century Provençal estate of Miraval – where the studio that welcomed Pink Floyd, AC/DC & The Cure is located. This renowned venue which recently reopened after being bought by Brad Pitt let French 79 achieve a long-time dream: “When I mix the album on the console and the reverb of Pink Floyd’s song “The Wall”, it gives me a divine sensation that I will remember for the rest of my life. I almost had some sort of mystical experience there (…) That feeling of being connected to those bands in a kind of “cosmic reality” felt like a fountain of youth, just when I was finalising the TEENAGERS album.”